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Mental Training

If it is not sufficient for you to strengthen your mind by COGNITIVE TALKS, we can go one step further with mental training. In person if possible. If not we do it over internet. By using f ex skype we can look at each other while working. I can then also study your reactions to what Im doing when using mental training to induce, what I prefer to call, an optimal state of awareness. Then I can also adjust the induction to how you react.

In other words I make a tailored LIVE induction for you that takes you from an ordenary everyday state of consciousnes into an optimal state of awareness, also called hypnosis or altered state of awareness or consciousness. This induction is being recorded.

Either we meet in person, to do the recorded induction, or over internet I will, after our session, send you the recording in a soundfil (MP3) to your emailadress.

The idea is that you listen to this recording, if possible, every day til we meet again in a week or two. The content in this recording is based on the conversation we had during our cognitive thoughts and on how you ceact when I induce, what I call, the optimal state.

Some people respond very quickly what I’m saying and doing during the induction. But most people need time to do so. If you respond quickly it means that your so called unconscous concider you to be ready for what we’re doing. This is of course good. However there is also something good in responding gradually more and more over time. Changes that need time tend to last longer.

After you’ve been listening to the first recording for about two weeks wh then have a new person to person talk or talk over internet. Then we find out together what works better now and what abilities needs to be strengthened ever more.

Then we make a new to make a new induction that is based on your now learnings. This induction is a continuation of the first one. Normally you need at least three recorded inductions to get the result you want. Of course depending on things like how long what you experience as a problem has lasted etc.

Mental training has maily been known in the context of sports. Most sportswomen and -men today practice systematic mental training regularly in order to attain better results by improving mental functions such as:

• relaxation
• concentration
• persistence
• will-power
• thought control

This makes you feel and function better in general.

But it also help you to cope better with demanding situations and it can help you to solve different, what you before experienced as, problems.