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By so doing you create the necessary conditions for entering into a hypnotic state. In this state you can come into closer contact with your inner part, generally called your unconscious, and an increased co-operation is established between the outer and inner parts of yourself. This opens the door for many new possibilities.

The inner part of us consists, simply speaking, of two parts:
a store of experience and knowledge and an intelligence

Most of the experiences and knowledge we have gathered in life are stored in the inner part of ourselves. It also stores material we for different reasons have been forced to repress or exclude from awareness to be able to function. This is more easily accessible to you in the hypnotic state, when co-operation is established between the outer and inner parts of you.

Deep within us we possess an intelligence with the capacity to activate and handle this knowledge and these experiences and translate them into action. It controls our habitual thoughts, feelings and acts. However, it also has the power to help us solve problems which require working through experiences stored on an inner level. In this way we can reach even deeper inwardly and get into stronger contact with our inner resources such as peace, strength and joy.

It may be sufficient to work with cognitive talks in combination with mental training provided you do not have traumatic experiences or other rather deep-seated problems which originate farther back in time. Some of us have problems which have lasted a longer time and have roots reaching down to a deeper inner level. It may be traumatic experiences which have been wholly or partly repressed, i.e. they have been stored in an inaccessible part of us in order to prevent undue strain.

When you by means of cognitive talks and mental training have built yourself up sufficiently from the ground, the following happens: Parts of experiences which have not been worked through and need being worked through become accessible.

When experiences which have not been worked through begin to enter your mind it may be necessary to go on with

to make problems disappear completely. If this is the case, you need to consult a psychologist skilled in hypnosis who has training and experience in guiding people through this phase.


We live in a changing world where rapid technical progress give us increased freedom and higher living standard. However, at the same time, it create new chalanges and problems for us to solve.

We need to learn to use the new technologies but at the same time we need to learn how to first choose and then focus on information which is important for us.

At the same time we need to learn to screen out a major part of the continuous information flow that we are exposed to and that we do not need. If we dont do that this will prevent us from reaching our goals.

To be able to do this we have to work actively and consciously to improve our mental capacities – just as our sportswomen and -men do.